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Mexico> Gulf Coast> Mexico City> Museo Franz Meyer

Mexico - Gulf Coast

Museo Franz Meyer

( Sightseeing / Museums )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Avenida Hidalgo 45
Mexico City
06060 DF

Many visitors to Mexico are unaware of one of our favorite museums in Mexico City, the Museo Franz Meyer Museum, located in the heart of the city on Avenida Hidalgo 45, on the north side of Alameda Park. The entrance is a bit tricky to find since the door is tucked in a courtyard by the side of the entrance to the adjacent church, Iglesia de San Juan de Dios. This museum is elegant and sophisticated with gleaming parquet floors and classical music gently playing in the background. Here you find magnificent Spanish Colonial collections of paintings, furniture, silver, sculptures, etc. Many of the splendid objects reflect the early Conquest Period and form an artistic bridge between Aztec and Spanish artistic traditions. From the outside, the museum looks small, but once within, the rooms extend seemingly forever. Some of the exhibits surround a charming cloister where there is an inviting small café with tables set in the garden.

Phone: +52 5 518 2266
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