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Mexico - Gulf Coast

Museo Frida Kahlo

( Sightseeing / Museums )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Londres 247
Mexico City
04400 DF

The Frida Kahlo Museum, located at the corner of Londres and Allende in the suburb of Coyoacan, is of special interest to those who want to know more about Diego Rivera and also gain an insight into the fascinating Frida Kahlo. This intriguing museum was the home of the dark-haired, tempestuous, talented beauty, Frida Kahlo, who was born and died here. She and Diego Rivera lived here after their marriage and the house, set in an enclosed garden, has walls painted in brilliant blue trimmed with red, reflecting their love of vibrant colors and design. Frida, who endured great pain resulting from childhood polio, and later spinal injuries resulting from a bus/streetcar accident, had a turbulent marriage to Rivera lasting 25 years. They must have been quite a pair, the diminutive Frida and the 300-pound Rivera. She was a talented artist in her own right, and her surrealistic paintings and free-spirited approach to life have gained great fame. When Frida died at the age of 47, Rivera left the house, along with the paintings inside, as a museum. The furnishings and personal items are much as they were when she and Rivera shared the home. I had to smile at a gift you will see in one of the rooms, a custom-designed wheel chair and easel, given to Frida toward the end of her life so that she could continue painting. It seemed so incongruous that this thoughtful gift was given to Frida (a passionate communist and champion of the common man) by Rockefeller (an icon of capitalism). If you plan to visit this museum, try to rent a copy of the film Frida, a movie released in 2002 depicting her life. Some of the scenes were photographed in this house.

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