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Mid-Atlantic - Virginia

Appomattox Court House

( Sightseeing / Museums )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
111 National Park Drive
Appomattox, VA  24522

Appomattox is the site of the famous Civil War battle where General Robert E. Lee became surrounded by the armies of the North and surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant on behalf of the South. Lee’s surrender on Palm Sunday (April 9), 1865, at Appomattox Court House signaled the end of the Southern States attempt to create a separate nation and is referred to in history as "The Gentlemen’s Agreement." The surrender took place in a private home owned by the McLean Family. Appomattox Court House actually refers to the town and not a building. It is interesting to note that in Virginia, many of the towns which were county seats were called "Court House". The building is spelled courthouse (one word). It is possible to visit the McLean House and many other historic buildings set in over 1700 acres of the Appomattox Court House National Park. The McLean House is furnished with mid-nineteenth century furnishings and the parlor, where the surrender meeting took place, is furnished with a combination of original and reproduction items. Outbuildings are also open, including: slave quarters, exterior kitchen, and outhouse.

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