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Portugal - Costa Verde

Palácio do Raio

( Sightseeing / Historic Buildings )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Rua do Raio
Braga Portugal
The 18th century Palácio do Raio, or Casa do Mexicano, in the southeastern part of the center of Braga, has a tiled Rococo facade. Built during the reign of king João V (1706-50), this is a wonderful example of Baroque civil architecture and designed by André Soares for José Duarte de Faria. He was a knight of the Order of Christ in addition to being a highly influential trader. In 1834, the property was purchased by Miguel José Raio, Viscount of São Lázaro who is believed to have bestowed the name House or Palace of Raio. In terms of adornment, there is the tile covered façade, wonderful banisters embellished with flame effects and amphoras, and the verandas in forged iron and worked granite. The inner staircase is also worthy of note.
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