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Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan

Azadi Mosque

( Sightseeing / Religious Buildings )

A Karen Brown Recommendation
Ashkabad, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan

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Turkenistan, Ashkabad,, Azadi Mosque

A sightseeing target outside of the city is the Azadi Mosque, which adds another potential stop on the day you visit the Tolkucha Market and Nisa. It is quite incredible that such an imposing structure would have been built in such a non-descript village, but as I understand, the town was the birthplace of a politician-though I can't recall which one. However, the mosque is truly extraordinary and worth a visit. It is surrounded by an enormous area of gardens, parks, lakes, ponds, and fountains-truly a showcase for the astounding creation.  The mosque resembles the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, but it is even larger. However there is an obvious difference: the Blue Mosque is ancient, the Azadi Mosque is new. Also, when we visited the Blue Mosque recently, we had to wait in a long line to enter. When we visited the Azadi Mosque we were the only people there. We heard that one reason for the lack of enthusiasm for the mosque is that there were several accidental fatalities during its construction and some people think it is jinxed.

Mosques are holy places of worship for the Muslim religion. Although they can be simple, many are large and crowned by a dome.  There is usually an expansive central room where men come to pray. Many bring their beautiful prayer rugs to for comfort as they kneel.

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