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Italy - Lazio

Arco del Lauro

Arco del Lauro: A Traveler Recommendation A Traveler Recommendation
Via dell'Arco De Tolomei, 29/27
Rome, () Italy
No Credit Cards
6 Rooms, Double Occupancy: €100.00 - €145.00*
*Minimum Stay Required
Arco del Lauro, Rome
Arco del Lauro, Rome
Arco del Lauro, Rome
Arco del Lauro, Rome
Arco del Lauro, Rome
Note: This property has not yet been inspected by a Karen Brown Researcher.
Traveler Recommendation of
Arco del Lauro:
I'm an Italian girl (even if I'm almost 50) and I like to travel alone. I've been in Rome for few days and a friend of mine suggests ARCO DEL LAURO B&B. I've found a cosy and comfortable double room single use in a very nice and characteristic street in Trastevere. The corner is magic and the area as well! I felt like at home as I knew I could call Lorenza or Daniela any time, or find them every day in the reception morning and early afternoon for a little chat or some suggestions.When they where not here, I could look for suggestions on internet as they offer a computer h24 to the guests as well as a telephone for free call. I could call my boyfriend everyday!!! I think the situation was perfect, luxury enough for me, location was great and people very friendly. Very different from a cold and impersonal hotel where concierge suggests touristic places or restaurants. Last but not least, room are very nice with all comfort, clean and tasty refurbished. very very good!
- Lorenza Sardo (October 26, 2009)

Breakfast Included Children Welcome
Phone: 06 97840350   Fax: 06 97256541
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Traveler Reviews of
Arco del Lauro:
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Arco del Lauro: A Traveler Recommendation Arco del Lauro Review

Estuvimos en Roma por primera vez con mi esposa y hemos elegido un B&B porqué queriamos disfrutar la verdadera atmosfera local y no el ambiente turistico de un hotel. Arco del Lauro nos pareciò el lugar ideal por su ubicaciòn en la ciudad (Trastevere es muy central y caracteristico) y porqué nos gusto el estilo de las habitaciones, simple y elegante. Cuando llegamos tuvimos una agradable sorpresa, al conocer la proprietaria Lorenza y su asistente Daniela, que...

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Review by Silvia Rodriguez on Nov 24, 2009

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Arco del Lauro

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