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A Karen Brown Recommendation
karen B Bryan
Rust is a charming village with picturesque old houses, many still with thatched roofs. Park your car in the center of town and wander around. Look carefully and you will see storks proudly perched on their rooftop nests. If you are lucky, you might even see a baby stork noisily asking for dinner. In addition to having quaint architecture and roofs decorated with storks, Rust also produces some of Austria’s loveliest wines. On the little streets leading off Rust’s central square, you will frequently see evergreen branches tied above arcaded doorways, indicating a simple wine tavern within, where the owner serves his own wine. Step into the inner courtyard and sit down at one of the wooden tables for a bite to eat and a sample of the famous Rust wine. See if you agree with the Hungarian prince who was so fond of its wine that he gave Rust the stamp of royalty. In a lovely 16th-century whitewashed building facing the main market square is one of Rust’s most charming small restaurants—the Rusterhof.
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