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A Karen Brown Recommendation
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Innsbruck looks like just another large city, but within a few minutes’ walk of the train station there is a colorful town snuggled within medieval walls. Innsbruck is an alluring city for sightseeing. Its medieval core looks just like it must have many centuries ago. It is fun just to meander with no particular destination in mind, other than enjoying the quaint streets, whimsical fountains, and charming architecture of the medieval buildings. Stop and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine at one of the many small cafés and watch the stream of tourists go by, or stroll along the embankment of the river and gaze up at the mountains at your fingertips. While meandering through the old town be sure to stop and admire one of Innsbruck’s most famous highlights, the Goldenes Dachl (Little Golden Roof), an intricately carved exterior balcony added to the Ducal Palace to commemorate the marriage of Maximilian I to Bianca Maria Sforza. Legend says that the gold roof of the balcony was commissioned by Duke “Friedrich the Penniless” to disprove the rumors of his poverty. This colorfully painted little balcony was used as a box by privileged royal guests to view in regal grandeur festivities in the square below. Another target should be the Hofburg Palace, built by Maria Theresa, where you are surrounded by the wealth and grandeur of the Hapsburg dynasty. Pause to admire the family portraits of Maria Theresa and her children. Of course, Innsbruck is famous for it's winter sports as it has hosted several Olympic Games.
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