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A Karen Brown Recommendation
There is so much to see and do in Vienna that it almost demands a book in itself. Although this is a spread-out metropolis, most of the sightseeing attractions are in the heart of the city bound by the Ringstrasse, a loop of roads built where the medieval walls of the city once existed. If you enjoy walking, most of the places of interest are easily accessibly by foot. (Those outside the inner city can be visited by bus tours or on the subway.) Buy a city map and a sightseeing guide. To get acquainted with the major points of interest, take a city tour and then go back to savor at length your favorite museums, cathedrals, and palaces. There are many tour operators and your hotel will have their brochures. However, if there are several persons in your party, check the price of a private car with an English-speaking guide. You can cover so much more of the city and squeeze so much more information into a small amount of time when you do not have to wait for a busload of other passengers and a private car does not cost much more if you have several persons to share the expense
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