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A Karen Brown Recommendation
After a visit to Coburg you will come back to tell your friends about it. Please, do so, but do it in a whisper. It won’t be much longer that Coburg, a Bavarian jewel will be talked about as an insider’s tip. Once the crowds find out, jewel might get scratchy. You will love Bavaria. Especially if you’re interested in history and art. You will want to visit its castles and museums. Or take time to enjoy Coburg's festivals, theatres, old fashioned shops and markets. If your passion is shopping, it is known for its glass, porcelain or toys. Spend time here to experience Bavarian tradition; go where the locals go and at the same time avoid the crowds. Coburg is the place to go! It is spotless. It is truly original. It is magic and it does magic: Coburg takes you on a travel in time. How? It has all the Bavarian "ingredients" and you can have a taste of it. The sights can all be reached by foot. To venture out at a slow pace gives you the chance to a really experience Coburg and what it has to offer. Walking is the pace of old days long gone by. If you join a guided tour, a costumed (Queen Victoria for example) English speaker will show you around. The charming ways of a storyteller dedicated to it's history, make the tour interesting and fun.The following are just a few of the many many highlights of Coburg that you won't want to miss: The Veste - Crown of Franconia; its four castles; Martin Luther; Hummel figurines; Samba festival; Christmas markets.... Coburg offers enjoyment year round!
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