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A Karen Brown Recommendation
As you drive into Oberwesel, turn left before the brick-red church, the Liebfrauenkirche, and pause to see its interior. Gothic in style, the church is noted for its many beautiful altarpieces, the oldest built in 1506. Follow the winding road upwards to the Auf Schönburg castle, perched high above Oberwesel. Park your car beneath the castle walls, cross the wooden bridge spanning the gully that isolates the Auf Schönburg on its rocky bluff, and climb the well-worn cobbles which wind you through the castle to the hotel at the summit. The façade is out of a fairytale—towers, turrets, and crumbling battlements. If you are lucky enough to be staying at the hotel, you can explore the interior of the castle. However, if you are not staying at the castle, you can enjoy the view from the terrace below the hotel. Leaving the Auf Schönburg, glance to the river where it swirls and eddies in the rocks on the opposite bank. Legend has it that these rocks are the seven maidens of Oberwesel Castle who were so cold-hearted towards their suitors that the river overturned their boat and turned them into stone.
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