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A Karen Brown Recommendation
Trier is one of Germany’s oldest cities, founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 15 B.C. Follow signposts for Zentrum Park and make your way on foot to Porta Nigra, the largest fortified gateway in the Roman Empire. Still intact, it stands guard over the city 20 centuries later. This gate is like a giant wedding cake of 3½ tiers standing nearly 30 meters high. (9 am–6 pm, April to end of October.) The tourist office by the Porta Nigra will supply you with a city map (splurge for the larger one) showing you the historic sights of the city, all found within a few blocks of the gate. (Walking tours of the city in English leave at 2 pm, April to October.) With your back to the Porta Nigra, walk up the main shopping pedestrian street, the Simeonstrasse, passing the Turkish-looking Dreilonigen-Haus, built in 1260, to the Hauptmarkt (marketplace) where a colorfully painted fountain is surrounded by ancient timbered houses. The Dom (cathedral) lies just a block off the square, a surprisingly spacious, simply adorned edifice where behind the altar you can peer into an ornate shrine that is purported to contain the robe of Christ.
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