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An Overview:

When planning a trip to Europe, Belgium is often overlooked. To miss this wonderful, small country that has three official languages, French, Dutch and German, would be a mistake. Befitting its multi language personality the country is also multi cultural displaying its French, Dutch and German influences.

To some, Belgium is synonymous with waffles. After all, there are not many foods named for a country. Another food product named for a country, French fries, are actually incorrectly named as these also are generally accepted as having originated in Belgium. While not carrying the country name the chocolates and beers of Belgium are world famous and not to be missed. Beyond fries, waffles, chocolate and beer, Belgium is noted for its fine multi cultural cuisine offered by many wonderful restaurants.

Some of Europe’s finest accommodations are found in Belgium hotels, inns, and castles. These wonderful Belgium lodgings are often found in or near some of the finest cities of Europe including Bruge, Brussels, Liege and Antwerp, to name just a few.  OUR LIST OF BELGIUM HOTELS, inns and resorts is a selection of the finest properties in Belgium. Karen Brown, for over thirty years, has produced the best travel guides to Europe. 

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