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Meersburg, Germany, Rick Herbert Bamberg, Germany

An Overview:

From the sand dunes of the North Friesian Islands to the snow-capped Alps, Germany has a great variety of travel destinations. To help you choose what to visit we have designed seven driving ITINERARIES , each highlighting the beauty of a particular region. Whether you want to explore the restored baroque city of Dresden, marvel at Ludwig of Bavaria’s fantasy palaces, or go hiking in the Black Forest, we have an itinerary to suit you. Because we believe that where you lay your head each night makes the difference between a good and a great vacation, we have included a section on wonderful little hotels that we enjoy throughout Germany—you’ll find lots of fluffy down comforters and gargantuan breakfast buffets here. OUR LIST OF GERMANY HOTELS and other Germany accommodations fit a wide variety of interests as well as pocket books with many of our selections costing considerably less than 100 Euros a night.
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Germany Book Cover In Germany
Karen Brown features

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

on the 2010 edition
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