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An Overview:

Of all the countries in the world, there is none more magical than Italy. We have combed the cities and countryside of Italy, rejecting many, to offer our LIST OF ITALY HOTELS , Italy Inns, bed and breakfasts, agriturismos and resorts  as well as other Italy lodging choices. These Italy accomodations reflect what we consider to be the best in their respective classifications. Our slections range from  inexpensive farm stays to piggybank breaking luxury hotels in Italy. Each of our selections will provide a different experience of Italy travel.

One of the reasons Karen Brown is considered among the best travel guides is her in depth itineraries throughout a country or region. Once again, Karen has outdone herself producing 7 wonderful and exciting ITINERARIES throughout Italy. Each of the itineraries has been traveled as we describe them allowing the traveler to depend on their pacing and selection of sites to see and experience. 

Italy is truly a tourist’s paradise—a traveler’s dream destination. No one could be so blasé that within Italy’s narrow boot there would not be something to tantalize his fancy. For the archaeologist, there are some of the most fascinating and perfectly preserved ancient monuments existing today, just begging to be explored. For the gourmet, there is the finest food in the world. For the outdoors enthusiast, there are towering mountains to conquer and magnificent ski slopes to enjoy. For the lover of art, the museums are bursting with the genius of Italy’s sons such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael. For the architect, Italy is a school of design—you are surrounded by the ancient buildings whose perfection still inspires the styles of today. For the history buff, Italy is a joy of wonders—her cities are veritable living museums. For the wine connoisseur, Italy produces an unbelievable selection of wine whose quality is unsurpassed. For the adventurer, Italy has intriguing medieval walled villages tucked away in every part of the country. For the beach buff, Italy’s coastline and lakes hold the promise of some of the most elegant resorts in the world. For the religious pilgrim, Italy is the cradle of the Christian faith and home of some to the world’s most famous saints. The miracle of Italy travel is that all these treasures come packaged in a gorgeous country of majestic mountains, misty lakes, idyllic islands, wonderful walled villages, and beautiful cities. In addition, the climate is ideal and the people warm and gracious. Italy is truly a perfect destination.
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