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Whale Watching in Mexico Monarch Butterfiles, Mexico

An Overview:

Our LIST OF MEXICO LODGING goes well beyond the famous beach resorts. We explore the small captivating towns with their one of a kind Mexico inns as well as the better known Mexico resorts. Our travels throughout Mexico have produced 8 wonderful ITINERARIES exploring the many fascinating towns, rich archaeological sites, remarkable natural wonders, and delightful beach resorts.

Mexico is an incomparable destination, a stunning country that includes such a wealth of wonders that, whatever your interests, you are bound to have your dreams fulfilled. There are marvelous Mexico hotels, archaeological treasures beyond belief, breathtaking beaches, soaring mountains, deep canyons, fascinating 16th-century Colonial towns, cosmopolitan cities, quaint Indian villages, colorful markets, fine golf courses, divine snorkeling, whale excursions, outstanding bird watching, butterfly reserves, tropical forests, dense jungles, superb deep-sea fishing, chic boutiques, cute shops featuring native handicrafts, and, for all of us who love to eat, culinary delights. To add the final touch of perfection, the weather in Mexico is excellent. However, Mexico is not for everyone. If it bothers you when service isn’t instant, if you are upset when everything isn’t totally tidy, if you are disappointed if your hotel doesn’t have internet access, then perhaps you should consider another destination. But the things that may seem like faults to some are, in our estimation, exactly what make Mexico so special. Here you step back into another time where people are not rushed, where friendliness prevails, where cultural differences enrich your travels. We have always loved Mexico. Now, after spending an extended period of time there, we are more captivated than ever by its charms. We know that our readers who are young in heart will share our enthusiasm for this fabulous country with its extraordinarily warm people and amazing culture.


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Mexico Book Cover In Mexico
Karen Brown is proud to recommend

Dolphin Cove Inn
Manzanillo, Mexico

as featured on the
2010 edition cover of our guide.

The Dolphin Cove Inn - Manzanillo Hotels

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