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Pacific Northwest>

Pacific Northwest

North Cascades, Pacific Northwest Vancouver Skyline, British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Northwest Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest

An Overview:

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, a fresh and captivating corner of North America, where Nature gives us a glimpse at her incomprehensible range. Here, a fusion of vastly different topographies comes together in one unlikely painting: endless stretches of windswept, sandy beaches; dense expanses of sylvan forest; great crashing rivers; dramatic river valleys; gently rolling hills covered in neat rows of vines; the portentous presence of towering, snow-capped volcanoes; and vast high deserts of sagebrush and juniper. This is a place where Nature reigns, a place where man still treads with a reverent step.

OUR LIST OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST HOTELS, bed and breakfasts and other lodging represents the best in Pacific Northwest travel accommodations. Some of our selections are inexpensive and simple and some represent luxury and are expensive but, rest assured, all are memorable. To facilitate your trip planning and use of our hotel travel guide we have developed six driving ITINERARIES through some of the most picturesque and memorable regions of the Pacific Northwest.

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Karen Brown is proud to recommend

Run of the River
Leavenworth, United States

as featured on the
2010 edition cover of our guide.

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