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Cascais and Beach, Portugal Canedo, Portugal

An Overview:

Portugal, whose rich history is irrevocably tied to the sea, was once one of the world’s greatest powers. Its finest hour was when the Portuguese discovered the coveted sea route to the Orient, which enabled them to monopolize the spice trade. At the same time as Columbus was discovering the New World, Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama were testing the frontiers in the opposite direction—Africa, India, and the East Indies. Mighty castles, spectacular fortresses, beautiful mansions, and elaborate cathedrals remain today as reminders of this period of great wealth and prominence. These stunning monuments—along with incredibly lovely places to stay, excellent weather, and genuine warmth of welcome—make Portugal an ideal travel destination.

This hotel travel guide and specifically OUR LIST OF PORTUGAL HOTELS , bed and breakfasts and Pousadas is written specifically for the traveler looking for a guide to more than the capital city and a handful of highlights-it is written for the visitor who wants to add a little out of the ordinary to his agenda. To aid your research for Portugal travel we have developed seven driving ITINERARIES throughout the country. Each itinerary focuses on the highlights of a particular region and gives a recommended pacing for your trip.


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Portugal Book Cover In Portugal
Karen Brown is proud to recommend

Quinta do Convento da Franqueira
Barcelos, Portugal

as featured on the
2010 edition cover of our guide.

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