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The resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland Lake Lugano, Switzerland Cows on Juan Pass, Switzerland Swiss Steamer on Lake Brienz, Switzerland

An Overview:

Switzerland is a country of incredible beauty: rugged mountain peaks enhanced by delicate, wispy clouds; velvety green meadows tucked high on mountain ledges; dramatic rivers rushing through narrow gorges; tiny blue lakes sparkling like jewels in their mountain pockets; postcard-worthy villages made up of toy-like chalets. The country is almost too perfect to be real. For centuries Switzerland has inspired poets and artists who have advertised her glories on paper and canvas and her reputation has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Charm and old-world ambiance are used as the basis for the selection of properties in our hotel travel guide. Some of our recommendations are luxuriously elegant while others are quite simple. OUR LIST OF SWITZERLAND HOTELS , inns, resorts and other accommodations reflect this diversity of lodging choices. Frankly, some of our hotels in Switzerland are better than others because in a few instances we have chosen a hotel not on its merits alone but so that you would have a place to stay in a region or village we considered so spectacular that it warranted an overnight stay.

We offer four wonderful ITINERARIES to experience Switzerland travel. Three of the itineraries are meant to be driven while the fourth incorporates travel by train, boat or bus. The itineraries give a taste of dazzling mountains, beautiful lakes, lovely rivers, splendid cities and romantic villages. 

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Switzerland Book Cover In Switzerland
Karen Brown features

The town of Gsteig

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