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An Overview:

Uzbekistan is well known as being one of the key countries along the Silk Road. What is little touted however is that  it also makes a fabulous destination for tourists who enjoy getting off the beaten path and discovering fascinating cities and villages. The international airport is in Toshkent (also frequently spelled Tashkent). If you visit in spring or fall, the weather is usually excellent.

There are three incredibly interesting UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit in Uzbekistan. Each is quite different in personality. Each is fabulous. Be sure to visit these jewels: Samarkand, Shahkrisabz, Bukhara, and Khiva. In each town you visit after leaving Toshkent  you visit you will see women in colorful dresses, wonderful handicrafts to purchase at reasonable prices, very friendly people, and to top it all off,hardly any tourists.

SAMARKAND. Tamerlane conquered Samarkand in the 14th century, and transformed it into one of the most beautiful cities along the Silk Road. He and his grandson, Ulgbek, oversaw a flourishing of architecture and decorative art unmatched in the ancient world. Tamerlane built the world's largest mosque, while Ulgbek created one of the madrassas that frame Registan Square.

SHAKHRISABZ: This is the birthplace of Uzbekistan's most famous heroes, Tamerlane. He built a palace huge palace here, but although only the portals are still standing, is still very impressive. Tamerlane also built many other monuments that are interesting to visit.

BUKHARA: This ancient walled town (often called the "Crossroads of Culture) has beautifully preserved its rich history. Lyabi-Hauz Plaza is a large square in the heart of the ancient town. In the center of the square is a pool, which used to be where people washed their clothes and got their drinking water. Today, it is still the gathering place for not only tourists, but also for all the local people. It is an extremely picturesque spot with mulberry trees reflecting into the pool. Bukhara is also richly endowed with great monuments.

KHIVA: Our personal favorite is Khiva. Travelers today enter the gates into this adobe walled town, just as caravans did centuries ago. As you wander through the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways, it truly being in a living museum.



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