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List of Itineraries For Germany

As Published In The Karen Brown Guide.

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It is no wonder that Bavaria is a favorite destination for so many travelers. This southeastern corner of Germany proudly maintains the reputation of having the friendliest people, the most breathtaking mountains, the quaintest villages, the prettiest lakes, and the most famous castles in Germany.

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Castles of the Rhine & Mosel

This itinerary covers two of Germany's most magical destinations—the Rhine and the Mosel wine regions. Powerful and broad, the River Rhine rushes towards the sea. The beauty of these rivers is enough to fill a rich chapter in your vacation, but if this is not sufficient to tempt you, be reminded that this itinerary offers the opportunity to alternate excursions with sampling the fine wines of the Rheingau, Mittelrhein, and Mosel regions.

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Exploring East & Middle Germany

For 40 years East Germany slept under a mantle of secrecy. Then, in November, 1989, the stunning word spread throughout the world: "The Wall" had been torn down. In October, 1990, the reunification became official, and the doors to East Germany opened. While miracles have happened, all is not yet complete: cranes dot the skyline of every town and village, and traffic snarls are a problem near larger towns. In this itinerary we have hand-picked eastern Germany's most historical towns and cities (Eisenach, Erfurt, Weimar, Meissen, Dresden, Potsdam, and Berlin) and added intriguing palaces and mighty castles for good measure, along with the opportunity to take a punting trip through the quiet canals of the Spreewald, enjoying "pickle stops" and a historic Sorb village.

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Highlights of the Harz Mountains

Rising from the plains, the Harz mountains are the tallest in northern and central Germany. Little resort villages nestle amidst the mountains while sitting at their feet three outstanding medieval towns (Goslar, Wernigerode, and Quedlinburg) vie for your attention with a parade of outstanding half-timbered homes, decorative town halls, towering castles, and interesting museums.

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Highways of the Black Forest

Without a doubt the Black Forest (named for its dense, dark forests) is one of Europe's most attractive holiday areas. Called the Schwarzwald in German, the Black Forest is a range of rolling hills 160 kilometers (100 miles) from north to south and 60 kilometers (37 miles) from east to west.

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Land Between the Seas

Schleswig Holstein is Germany’s most northerly province. With Denmark at its tip, this broad finger of land divides the placid Baltic from the wild North Sea. Along the North Sea shore, dikes protect the sky-wide landscape from being claimed by the sea’s crashing waves. Safe behind dikes, sheep and cattle graze while crops grow in serene pastures. Offshore, dune-fringed islands brave the sea. Any visit to Schleswig Holstein would not be complete without a trip to one of the islands, so this itinerary takes you and your car on top of a train for a rocking ride across the Hindenburgdamm to Sylt. This island boasts an impressive landscape of sand dunes and exposed, steep cliffs sheltering quaint little thatched villages from bracing sea breezes. In sharp contrast, the Baltic coast is hilly, with long, graceful fjords extending far inland from the gently lapping ocean. Here kilometer after kilometer of white-sand beaches provide a holiday haven for northern Europeans who brave the chilly waters and relax in gaily colored, canopied beach chairs while their children decorate sand castles with sea shells. Between these two seas lies Holsteinische Schweiz (Swiss District), a confusing name as there are no mountain peaks, just a lovely area of wooded, rolling hills sprinkled with sparkling lakes.

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Romantic Road & Neckar Valley

The Romantic Road (or Romantische Strasse) is one of Germany's most famous tourist routes—a road that travels between the towns of Würzburg in Franconia and Füssen in the Bavarian Alps. However, the beauty of the scenery wanes after leaving Rothenburg, so this itinerary deviates from the traditional route. Rather than traveling the entire 340-kilometer stretch of the Romantic Road, this itinerary samples the northern highlights of Germany's most traveled route and then detours west at Rothenberg to incorporate the attractive city of Schwäbisch Hall and the picturesque university city of Heidelberg. (The southernmost portion of the Romantic Road is included in the Bavarian itinerary.)

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