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List of Itineraries For Mexico

As Published In The Karen Brown Guide.

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Colonial Gems
This itinerary covers the trail of the Spaniards who built a necklace of beautiful towns as they spread their influence throughout the country. There is no better way to experience the romance and history of Mexico than following the path of these conquistadors. What makes following the footsteps of these conquistadors especially intriguing is that some of the most beautiful of these early mansions, convents, and haciendas have come to life again as outstanding small hotels that simply ooze with charm.
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Copper Canyon
Not only is the canyon very pretty, but you have the opportunity to take a train ride that is lots of fun; you have the chance to stay in a hotel with a breathtaking perch on a cliff overlooking the canyon; and you have a rare privilege to see the reclusive Tarahumara Indians whose way of life has changed little in over a thousand years. You can make the trip any time of the year, but many prefer the fall when everything is very green and the waterfalls are gushing after the summer rains.
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Mayan Mysteries
In all of Mexico there is no place more enchanting than the Yucatán Peninsula. This itinerary puts great emphasis on the wealth of Mayan sites, cloaked in the mysteries and glories of one of the world's great civilizations, which has faded into memory. This itinerary makes a loop, passing through all three states that make up the peninsula and slips briefly into the adjacent state of Chiapas to visit Palenque, a remarkable Mayan ruin that can't be missed.
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Mexico City & Beyond
This itinerary covers Mexico City and the high fertile valley that surrounds it. In this valley remains have been found of hunters and the mammoths they pursued, of early village farmers who cultivated the fertile volcanic soil, and of the amazing urban-centered warrior empires that followed them. All of these cultures and empires have left their mark upon the valley itself and their influence is reflected in many other cultures throughout pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica. The empire builders in this heartland region of Mexico left impressive art and amazing architectural monuments scattered throughout the valley and its environs.
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Miracle of the Monarch Butterflies
It is not only the gray whale that embarks on an incredibly long journey each fall to enjoy the warmth of Mexico: the Monarch butterfly (Mariposa Monarca) makes a similar trip south. But what a difference! The dainty Monarch is so light that it feels like a feather when it lands on your wrist. For years we read about the Monarch migration, and had heard from friends that it was quite an amazing sight. However, it wasn’t until we saw it for ourselves that we could really appreciate this truly breathtaking event. This wonder of nature far exceeded our expectations and provided one of those magical moments that will linger long in our memories. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will be totally captivated.
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Oaxaca Valley
Oaxaca, tucked high in a fertile valley 485 kilometers southeast of Mexico City, is one of our favorite places in Mexico. Without a doubt it is one of the most colorful, best-preserved Colonial cities in the country, with the added bonus of a lovely climate year round. It also offers visitors a glimpse of a city and region that truly exhibit three distinct faces of Mexican culture-the ancient archaeological ruins; the wonderful Spanish Colonial art and architecture; and the skilled craftsmen and artists in the surrounding villages.
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Places To Play In The Sun
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Whale Watching in Baja
You can spot many different types of whales all along the coast of Baja, but since the bays and lagoons have a defined space, they offer a superb opportunity to view a high concentration of gray whales up close. Many companies offer whale watching tours or boat trips that leave from La Paz and explore the Sea of Cortez. But if you really want to see the whales, you must go to one of the three bays above where the gray whales come to have their babies.
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