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List of Itineraries For Switzerland

As Published In The Karen Brown Guide.

Total Number of Itineraries in this list: 4

Geneva to Zurich via Medieval Jewels

Switzerland has some of the most enchanting, remarkably well-preserved, medieval villages and cities in all of Europe, whose character and charm suggest a style of life that slipped by many centuries ago. In these towns you find ramparts enclosing a maze of cobbled streets, enticing buildings, painted fountains, intricate clock towers, turrets, and a wealth of history. Sometimes capping the crest of a hill, perched precariously on a valley’s ledge, or snuggled next to a river, these walled villages and cities captivate the imagination and are fascinating to explore.

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Swiss Highlights: The Best of the Best

If you want to see the most interesting and beautiful parts of Switzerland, including the picture-book-perfect scenery repeatedly seen on postcards, this is an ideal itinerary. The beauty throughout Switzerland is astounding, but unless you are planning a lengthy stay, it’s impossible to see it all in one visit. This itinerary gives you Switzerland in a nutshell—a tantalizing taste of its beautiful towns, charming villages, lovely lakes, lush valleys, and astonishing mountains.

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Swiss Train, Boat & Bus Adventures

Switzerland has an unbelievable network of trains, boats, and buses. You can travel to even the tiniest hamlet tucked in a remote mountain valley by public transportation. What makes this means of travel all the more enticing is the efficiency of the Swiss—everything works like a finely-tuned clock. The schedules are so splendidly coordinated that when you step off a train, a bus or boat is waiting to whisk you to your next destination. Or, as your boat pulls up to the dock, a bus or train is merely steps away. Although you might need to make numerous connections, you could follow any itinerary featured in this guide by taking advantage of the outstanding public transportation system. However, to make this style of travel even more hassle-free, the Swiss offer many tours that that follow incredibly scenic routes to a selection of the most popular destinations in the country. Some of these tours (such as the Glacier Express) are by private train, but the majority take advantage of the Swiss pubic transportation service.

Even if you prefer the freedom of traveling by car, consider enhancing the driving portion of your vacation by adding one or more of the following twelve special excursions by train, boat, and bus onto your itinerary. There are a few prerequisites to this style of travel. First, it is essential that you travel lightly. If you feel there is no way you could possibly pack everything you need into one moderately-sized suitcase, forget the idea of public transportation. Cumbersome bags become a burden when trying to make quick connections and diminish some of the joy of travel. Secondly, it is highly recommended that you purchase one of the Swiss passes mentioned in the introduction. A few trains are not covered by a rail pass, and many of those that do, charge a supplement for mandatory seat reservations. But, all in all, these passes are a very good value and extremely convenient. When you make your reservations, ask the agent what type of pass is best for your chosen itinerary. Also, be sure find out if advance seat reservations are needed. Likewise, inquire if dining car reservations are necessary. Also, be sure to verify all the time tables since schedules change—and, as you now know, if you are a minute late, your train, bus, or boat will have left without you!

Switzerland’s awesome transportation network features more than 2,000 kilometers of public routes, over 50,000 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails, 9 national bike routes, 700 scenic bus routes, and 20 lakes with ferry service. Adding to these statistics, almost every significant mountain has a gondola, aerial cableway, cogwheel train, gondola, or funicular. The possibilities are endless. Note: if you want to learn more about the history of travel in Switzerland, when you are in Lucerne visit the Swiss Transport Museum.

For the sake of simplicity, we describe travel in one direction in the following twelve itineraries. However, most of the itineraries can be run in reverse.

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Swiss Treasures off the Beaten Path

The majority of tourists on their first trip to Switzerland visit one or more of its best-known tourist destinations, such as Geneva, Zürich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern, and Zermatt. All of these jewels are outstanding—well deserving their fame. However, we would like to introduce to you a selection of our favorite places, some of which you might never have heard of since they are a bit off the beaten path.

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