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The desert region of California covers nearly a quarter of the state. For our purposes we have labeled the south-southeast area as the desert region. The two best known portions of the desert are Death Valley and Palm Desert. One includes people who reside there and the other's inhabitants, other than the native flora and fuana, are mainly visitors.

Located in the Mojave desert which is generally a high desert with altitudes averaging 3000-6000 feet.  Death Valley is the lowest hottest valley in this country.There are not many places that are more inhospitable than Death Valley where the summer temperatures can reach 130 degrees and July sometimes will average over 115 degrees.

Originally a nearby getaway from the Los Angeles environs, the Palm Desert region has grown into a haven for 'snowbirds' from the north and east as well as others looking for a warm weather winter golf playground. The region's population can easily double during the mild winter months and for those that remain in the summer air conditioning is a way of life. Although golf and winter warmth are still the main draw for visitors the area has much more to offer particularly if one wants to get out and explore the natural beauty and nearby attractions.

Our itinerary, Leisurely Loop of Southern California, touches on some of the highlights of the area. We have chosen some wonderful bed and breakfasts, inns and small hotels to stay at the will surely enhance your experience of the Southern California desert region.


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  California - Leisurely Loop of Southern California
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