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Almost an island but not quite, Nova Scotia located along the eastern coast is the second smallest of Canada's ten provinces. Over the years Nova Scotia has served as the first stop for the explorers, traders and immigrants that ventured to Canada. In some areas there remains strong ethnic communities as witnessed by the fact that the Gaelic language is only found spoken more often in Scotland.

As befitting its location, fishing has always played an important role in the history, development and economics of Nova Scotia. For this reason, when visiting this provinces you will want to spend as much time as possible visiting the numerous quaint and colorful fishing villages along the coast of Nova Scotia. Wonderful Bed and Breakfast Inns and small hotels are located in strategic locations to best experience this area of Canada. Don't miss the numerous lobster festivals that this region is famous for.

Nova Scotia can be reached on land by car via the Trans Canada Highway or by railroad on VIA Rail Canada. The third route, from the US is by sea utilizing ferries from either Bar Harbor or Portland, Maine. 

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