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TURKMENISTAN lies just to the south of Uzbekistan. It too has an ancient, colorful history although its archaeological sites are not as well preserved as those in Uzbekistan and the towns are not as much like "living museums". However, the country is very interesting to visit. The capital of the country is Ashkabad. This is a modern city that is new and sparkling and very attractive. The government has obviously splurged on creating a showcase of elaborate buildings that are newly-built. Everywhere there are wide boulevards, many parks, lots of fountains, towering statues of important dignitaries, and opulent white marble buildings. In fact, the entire city seems to gleam with white marble. Huge amounts of money have been spent on dramatic modern public buildings, mosques, and museums, but very little is visible of the city's ancient heritage. Just a short drive out of the city there is a market that takes place every Sunday, called the Tolkucha Market. This is a fascinating market where you can buy anything from a feisty camel to beautiful hand woven carpet. Not too far from Tolkucha, there is an ancient ruin, NISA, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that. If you are interested in archaeology, Nisa is well worth visiting.  This archeological site which is mostly in ruins dates back to the time of the Parthians in the third century B.C. Many of the artifacts found in Nisa are now displayed in the Textile and Carpet Museum in Ashkabad. 

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