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New England - Maine

A Reader Recommendation Dockside Restaurant

( American Cuisine )

22 Harris Island Road
York, ME  03909
Note: The following is the recommendation as written by Dockside Guest Quarters not Karen Brown.
Dockside Restaurant Summary:
Dockside Restaurant couldn’t be more classic Maine. Savor a meal, sip a cocktail, and revel in unparalleled water front dining at the Restaurant views. Relax and watch the boating activity of York Harbor. Offering the feeling of a yacht club without the pretense, our restaurant features a diverse menu rich in regional seafood specialties and local or organic fare. Fresh Local Maine Fare From gourmet salads and sandwiches at lunch time to drinks and hor d’oeuvres in the lounge and memorable dinners in the dining room and porch, the Dockside is known for offering the best views of the prettiest little harbor in Maine. Emphasizing local and organic foods, the culinary team at the Dockside Restaurant consistently creates an array of master pieces for the palate. Click below for seasonal menu selections and Dockside’s focused wine list.
Dockside Restaurant Pricing:
Dockside Restaurant Hours:
Open Daily Memorial Day through mid October. Closed Tuesday
Dockside Restaurant Menu Sample:
Pan Seared Diver Scallops Colossal diver scallops nestled in a light spinach and cream sauce with soft polenta cakes and chili tomato vinaigrette $21.5 Classic Bouillabaisse A combination of tender Maine lobster, Rock shrimp, scallops, mussels and native filets simmered in a Pernod scented fumet with seared crostini $28.5 Pan Roasted Native Cod Broiled cod filet with Italian Salsa and Gremolata accompanied by roasted red skinned potatoes and seasonal vegetable $23 Gorgonzola Ravioli Fresh pasta filled with gorgonzola and mozzarella served in a gorgonzola cream and finished with roasted corn salsa $19 Harris Island Haddock A fresh filet stuffed with Maine rock shrimp and fresh herbs finished with lobster cream, roasted red skinned potatoes, and fresh vegetables $24.5 Shrimp and Linguini Pan roasted shrimp served with sautéed garlic, broccoli rabe and fresh herbs tossed with linguini and finished with fresh tomato salad and shaved parmesan $24.5 Drunken Lobster Sauté Fresh Maine lobster and diver scallops sautéed with shallot and herbs finished with an Irish whiskey cream and served with red skinned potatoes and seasonal vegetable $32 Maine Lobster One and a quarter pound lobster served two ways. Simply steamed or baked stuffed with Maine shrimp and scallop stuffing. Corn on the cob, drawn butter and lemon Market Priced Daily Fried Native Clams Traditional lightly breaded golden brown clams with tarter sauce and French fried potatoes $ Market Priced Daily Organic Braised Chicken Papardelle Organic chicken and aromatic vegetables slow cooked in red wine stock. Served with papardelle pasta and a rich braising sauce $19 Tournedos of Beef Seared tournedos of beef served with merlot demi glace, wild mushrooms, crisp potato croquettes and seasonal vegetable $27 Grilled NY Sirloin Seasoned three quarter pound sirloin sliced and served with Yukon Gold mash, seasonal vegetable, mushroom frites and rich demi glace $28 Roast Stuffed Duckling with Orange Sauce Slow roasted half of an organic duck with herbed stuffing served crisp with roasted orange and onion glaze $24 Mushroom Risotto Creamy risotto, grilled marinated Portobello mushrooms, asparagus seasoned with fresh herbs and garnished with an arugula salad $19 An 18% Gratuity will be applied to the final bill for parties of eight persons or greater. Dining at our RestaurantLunch Menu
Phone: 207-363-2722
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Dockside Restaurant:
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