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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, a fresh and captivating corner of North America, where Nature gives us a glimpse at her incomprehensible range. Here, a fusion of vastly different topographies comes together in one unlikely painting: endless stretches of windswept, sandy beaches; dense expanses of sylvan forest; great crashing rivers; dramatic river valleys; gently rolling hills covered in neat rows of vines; the portentous presence of towering, snow-capped volcanoes; and vast high deserts of sagebrush and juniper. This is a place where Nature reigns, a place where man still treads with a reverent step.

OUR LIST OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST HOTELS, bed and breakfasts and other lodging represents the best in Pacific Northwest travel accommodations. Some of our selections are inexpensive and simple and some represent luxury and are expensive but, rest assured, all are memorable. To facilitate your trip planning and use of our hotel travel guide we have developed six driving ITINERARIES through some of the most picturesque and memorable regions of the Pacific Northwest.



Our itineraries are designed for travel by car. Three itineraries for Washington State (including one that incorporates a trip to Victoria, British Columbia) begin and end in Seattle, where rentals are easy to arrange. Similarly for our Oregon itineraries you will have no trouble picking up a car in Ashland or Portland. Since all three towns are easy to get around in on foot or by public transportation, it might be practical to wait until you have done all your city sightseeing before renting a car. When making arrangements to rent, be sure to let the car rental company know where you plan to travel—sometimes there are restrictions on traveling to Canada.



Please make note: In the state of Oregon, there is no self-serve option at gasoline stations. So sit back, relax, and let the attendants do all the work for you. It’s the law!





Temperatures in this part of the country are mild compared to most other regions in the U.S., but some areas are more prone to rain or drizzle than others. In general, you can count on it growing cooler and wetter the farther north you travel; and drier and warmer the farther inland. Southwestern Oregon, for example, gets about 70 inches of rain each year, mostly between October and May. Its summers are quite hot. Compare that to the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington, which gets between 130 and 200 inches of rain annually! Mountain ranges—the Coast Range and the Cascades—run in a north/south pattern through the Northwest and have a profound effect on the weather. Areas west of these ranges are wetter and cooler; while areas east of the mountains tend to be hot and dry, since moisture-heavy clouds are depleted of their loads by the time they cross the mountains as they head east to the ocean. Freezing temperatures are rare, except in the mountains. Overall, it doesn’t rain as much as you hear. Seattle, for example, has a reputation for frequent gray skies; while, in fact, it records only about 38 inches of rain each year. In dressing for the weather here, the layering approach is best—and pack a windbreaker for the islands and the coast.


The itineraries offered can be tailored to meet your own specific needs by leaving out some sightseeing if time is limited, or linking several itineraries together if you wish to enjoy a longer vacation. For detailed trip planning, it is essential to supplement these with comprehensive commercial maps. Rand McNally maps are available for purchase on our website. Each route can be tailored to meet your own individual vision.

Canadian Travel:

Citizens of the U.S. need proof of citizenship, so carry a valid passport. Visitors from all other countries must have a valid passport and, in some cases, a visa. If you are in doubt about the appropriate travel documents, contact the Canadian embassy or consulate office nearest you. There’s no need to worry about vaccinations.


A total of eight colored maps are to be found at the front of the book. The Overview Map outlines our recommended driving itineraries as they cross through the Pacific Northwest States. The Overview Map is followed by a series of more detailed maps that show the itinerary routings and all the towns in which we have recommended a place to stay by geographic state groupings. Preceding each itinerary is a black-and-white map that outlines the suggested route, detailing the sightseeing suggestions and roads. These maps are simple renderings and not always to scale. Again, for detailed trip planning, it is essential to supplement these with comprehensive commercial maps. Rand McNally maps are available on our website.


The majority of places featured in this guide do not have restaurants, but innkeepers are always very knowledgeable about and happy to recommend local favorites. Most inns do serve breakfast and, quite often, a sumptuous one. Frequently in addition to breakfast, tea or wine and hors d’oeuvres are served in the afternoon or evening, either at a specific time or on a self-serve basis at your leisure. Sometimes, if you request it in advance, a picnic lunch can also be prepared. If you have any special dietary requirements, most innkeepers will gladly try to accommodate you. Not having the resources a restaurant would have, they usually plan a breakfast menu that features one entrée, making sure to have the necessary ingredients on hand. It is best to mention any special requirements at the time you make your reservation, both as a courtesy and from a practical point of view. The innkeeper will want the chance to stock items, such as low-fat dairy products, egg substitutes, sugar-free syrups, etc.


More and more travelers rely on cellphones to keep in touch with home and office, or to communicate with inns along the way. Keep in mind that cellphone coverage is spotty, at best, along all mountain passes, as well as on the islands in Washington State. Don’t rely on uninterrupted coverage at all times in all places.

Icons Desription Summary:

Position the cursor over the icon on the bottom of the accomodations pages and the resulting text will tell what the icon symbol represents.

Air ConditioningAir conditioning in rooms,

Beach Nearby Beach nearby,

Breakfast IncludedBreakfast included in room rate,

Children Welcome Children welcome,

Cooking ClassesCooking classes offered,

Credit Cards WelcomeCredit cards accepted,

Direct Dial PhonesDirect-dial telephone in room,

Dogs by Request Dogs by special request,


Exercise RoomExercise room,

Refrigerator in Rooms Mini-refrigerator in rooms,

Some Non-Smoking RoomsSome non-smoking rooms,

Parking Available Parking available,


Spa Spa,

Swimming PoolSwimming pool,

Tennis CourtsTennis,

TVs in RoomsTelevision with English channels,

Wedding Facilities Wedding facilities,

Wheelchair FriendlyWheelchair friendly,

Golf Course NearbyGolf course nearby,

Hiking Trails NearbyHiking trails nearby,

Horseback Riding Nearby Horseback riding nearby,

Skiing Nearby Skiing nearby,

Water Sports Nearby Water sports nearby,

Wineries Nearby Wineries nearby.