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Norway Tourist Information



Norway holds a treasure chest of delights for the tourist; sensational scenery, spotless inns and hotels, orderly farms, fascinating castles, magnificent fjords, delicious meals and above all else- the gracious Norwegian people. Their friendliness, warmth of welcome and ability to speak English make visitors feel instantly at home.OUR LIST OF NORWAY HOTELS and other accomodations represents the finest lodging for Norway travel.

The majestic beauty of Norway can be decribed only with superlatives. From the barren rocks of the north to the high mountains in the south, Norway's beauty is astounding: almost too beautiful to be real. But, most spectacular of all, and unique to Norway, are the fabulous fjords, particularly those that surround Bergen.

Whether you are touring lush valleys, beside silent fjords, beneath glasier-tipped mountains, you see numerous farms- tucked everywhere from the ledges of soaring mountains to tiny patches clinging beside the fjords. In every possible niche, and some that seem impossible, the clever Norwegians have carved out a place to grown their crops and graze their goats and cows. The farm's facades change with the landscaape, from gigantic red barns outlined in white trim to compact log barns with roofs of sod.