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A Karen Brown Recommended Itinerary

Port to Port

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This itinerary takes you along the Atlantic shore of Portugal from Lisbon, the country's most important port, to Porto, the second in importance. You will often see Porto spelled Oporto, especially in the United Kingdom. That is simply a variant retaining the article "o" which means "the." This itinerary follows the coastline known as the Costa de Prata (the silver coast). This is one of the less-developed coasts and rather less spoiled by modern high-rises. Quaint fishing villages with pretty beaches are more the rule than the exception. The trip is not all sea coast, however, since we detour inland to visit three of the country's most compelling sights: the romantic forest of Buçaco, the old university city of Coimbra, and the spectacular mountain scenery of the Serra da Estrâla-Portugal's highest range.


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