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Uzbekistan> The Silk Road


A Karen Brown Recommended Itinerary

The Silk Road
Uzbekistan - Central Asia

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Recommended Itinerary Length: Nine Days


The Silk Road, Uzbekistan, Toshkent,  Abdulkasym Madrassa, Kukeldash Medrassa, Mustakillik Square, Samarkand, Azrafshan Valley, Registan Aqure, Ulgbek's Observatory, Sharbukhara, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Lyabi-Hauz, Nadir Divanbegi Madrassa, Kukeldash Madrassa, Ark Citadel, Kalon Mineret, Kalon Mosque, Char-Minar Mosque, Ismail Samani Mausoleum, Khiva, Kalta-Minor Minaret, Juma Mosque, Tash Hauli, Kumya-Ark Citadel


This itinerary is based on our own research in planning a personal trip.  We have long wanted to travel The Silk Road and so share this itinerary based on our own experiences and travels.

The term Silk Road tantalizes the imagination with a treasure chest of romantic images: Marco Polo with his caravan of camels, the mighty Genghis Khan, traders laden with precious cargo trudging through the desert, the scent of spices, mystery and intrigue, precious silks, veiled maidens, vibrant costumes, walled villages, wondrous archeological sites, haunting music, desert oases, exotic bazaars, mosques with colorful tiled domes, and slender minarets with their plaintive song calling the faithful to prayer.


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