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I hope you will understand that because of the overwhelming number of questions received each day it is impossible for me to answer every one. I will select questions to answer based on what I believe will benefit and interest the greatest number of travelers. Also, please make your questions as specific as possible and know that I do not have the luxury of time to plan or detail personalized travel itineraries.

If your question is not selected, I sincerely apologize, as given the time, I would answer them all. If your question is selected you will be informed that it is published on our website as well as receive the answer by email.

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Category: Austria

Could you please help me get my credit card information to Hotel Wolf in Salzburg? I did not want to send it by e-mail and the fax number I am using is not going through. What do I need to do to fax Austria? The fax number they gave me is 43(0)662/84 24 23-4. I tried adding a 1 at the beginning but that didn't work either. Thank you very much for your help.
Asked by A Karen Brown Traveler [Jul 1, 2008]

First, assuming you are calling from the United States you need to first dial 011, then the country code 43 and then omit the 0 (this is used only if you are calling from within Austria) and then the number. However, another suggestion would be to email them your credit card information but split the number up and send the “pieces” in separate emails. Thank you for using our recommendations. Kindest regards, Karen

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