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How To Locate Attractions

How To Locate Attractions

Note: If you know the attraction name or town, it is always possible to use the Search Field found on every page of our website in the upper right hand corner.


    1. Click a destination on the map
    2. Click a destination from the text list
    3. Click on the appropriate book image
    4. OR Select from the drop down Destination tab
    1. Select an attraction from the comprehensive drop down list under the List of Attractions tab. This list is sortable by Type, by Attraction, by City or by Region.
    2. Or focus your search by selecting a Region. To select a region:
      1. Click on a region on the map
      2. Or Select from the drop down list of Regions
    1. Icons represent the location of Attractions on Regional maps
    2. Using the Map Key, click “on” the various types of Attractions that you would like to appear on the regional maps.
    3. Click on an icon on the map to access more information for a specific attraction.
    4. OR use the Attraction drop down list for the comprehensive listing of attractions for a given Destination. You can also focus your search by selecting a specific category from the list that appears under the drop down Attraction tab, which then further narrows the search for attractions by region and then by specific attraction. At this point you are able to click on the line listing for desired attraction to access its information page.