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Help With Trip Planner

Help With Trip Planner


To begin, click on Plan Your Trip from the drop down list under either the Trip Planner or Travel Tools tab for general, overview instructions.

The following tutorial provides even more detailed, step by step instructions for building, planning and managing your trip.

  1. To build a trip of up to twenty-five segments, simply select a destination, then a region and then choose the option to “Add to My Itinerary” any accommodations, attractions and/or cities as you select them from the various regional maps. For itineraries longer than twenty-five segments, it is necessary to create multiple trip files.

  2. It is necessary to obtain a paid Karen Brown Membership to be able to create, name, save and manage an itinerary. So that our website recognizes you as a paid member it is necessary to login in order to save and manage your trips.

  3. Become a Karen Brown Member to build a trip utilizing Karen Brown itineraries as a guideline, take advantage of other enhanced trip planning tools and to be able to save a trip to access and modify on a future visit to our website.
  4. So again, to begin creating a trip, pick a destination from the destination tab, by clicking on the map, or by clicking on the text link from the home page.
  5. Now pick a more focused map area or region.
  6. Choose the icons for the various attractions in the key that you wish to be displayed on the map.
  7. For more detailed information on particular places to stay, attractions or cities/towns of interest, click on the appropriate icon as referenced on the map. Or, choose a specific accommodation, attraction or city from the drop-down list under the respective green tab.
  8. To add a place to stay, attraction, or city/town to your itinerary either click on “add to my itinerary” from the Flag that appears on the map after having clicked on the icon, or go to the “more information” and you will get a description page that then has a bar that once clicked will add it to your itinerary.
  9. For a quick reference, as your itinerary builds you will see the legs listed in order of your selection under the drop down under the blue Trip Planner tab.
  10. To name a trip, save a trip; manage the sequence of the selected legs, or to add comments go to the trip planner page by clicking on Plan Your Trip under the blue Trip Planner tab or by clicking on Plan Your Trip under the Travel Tool tab.
  11. The Plan Your Trip page is only for viewing and managing the sequence of or to delete legs of your trip. To add additional segments you need to return to the destination/region map pages. However, you can also click on any segment of your itinerary as detailed on the Plan Your Trip page and it will return you to that specific information page. A suggestion would be to simply click on the last segment of your itinerary and from that information page continue building your trip.