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Join The Karen Brown Community

Unlike so many social, travel websites where millions and millions of diverse travelers share their opinion of both places to stay and visit, we sincerely believe there is a real value to feedback and evaluations from a more focused, uniform audience. On the assumption that there is a "type" of traveler who enjoys the type of places as recommended by Karen Brown and the type of cultural experience and rewards afforded by independent travel, we invite you to join the Karen Brown Community to both share and benefit from the experiences of other "like" Karen Brown Travelers.

We are both proud and excited about our "new", interactive Karen Brown Website and we have lots of enhancements that we want to add and incorporate in the near future.

However, for the present, join us and the Karen Brown Community by:


    Other members of the Karen Brown Community will appreciate your evaluation of the properties where you have had an opportunity to stay and/or attractions and cities you have visited. As authors, we welcome and greatly value your feedback. In terms of the places we recommend, we are not able to revisit every property, attraction or city every year and, as a result, your personal experiences greatly help and influence our review and consideration.Our editorial staff will review all comments before publishing them on our website. We do reserve the right to edit and/or not post comments considered to be obscene or inappropriate. In the case of hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts, all comments submitted will be forwarded on to the properties for their review and invited response. We believe the properties we recommend will appreciate both deserved praise and constructive feedback.


    We can't always take credit for finding all the wonderful places we recommend in our guides and on our website - honestly, many of them were introduced to us by you, our loyal Karen Brown Travelers. You are now able to share your own discoveries with not only us but with the entire Karen Brown Community. We invite and hope you will share that special little inn you discovered while navigating down a scenic country lane; the intimate restaurant whose ambiance and menu rivaled those already highly accredited but at a fraction of the price, and that enchanting town whose picturesque setting captured both your heart and memories!

    If everyone is willing to generously share their own personal discoveries the result will be an invaluable resource for "like" travelers to refer to when they have exhausted other possibilities or when they simply want to experience something new. Your discoveries will also serve as a solid foundation for our own future research. We don't honestly recommend a place or destination until we have had an opportunity to visit personally - but recommendations from Karen Brown Travelers receive very serious consideration.

    For the photo enthusiasts, coming soon, we will also invite you to share your photos to enhance both our existing and your invited editorial.


  • Help us honor properties that deserve special recognition.

We invite you to participate in the first annual Karen Brown Travelers' Choice Awards and the opportunity to be involved in selecting properties to be honored. Your votes will be used to award exceptional Karen Brown Recommended Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. Please vote so your favorite properties receive special recognition. You can vote for one favorite in each category in each country.


    We honestly hear over and over again from the hotels we recommend how much they appreciate the "Karen Brown Traveler". They say you are special, appreciative rather than critical of their unique charms and that, bottom line, it is not the price tag but rather the ambiance that is important when you select accommodation. The reality is there are many travelers competing for a limited number of rooms and the properties we recommend, given a choice, would rather offer the room to an appreciative, Karen Brown guest. Many properties have posted specials to entice you to stay. These offers are published on the individual property pages as well as on the drop down specials lists. Hopefully your travel plans will allow you to take advantage of these offers.


    We feel comfortable recommending accommodation and sightseeing venues that we are able to personally visit every few years. Places don't honestly change that much especially if we know the ownership is the same and we can be confident of the welcome. However, to offer reliable restaurant appraisals and recommendations we sincerely believe would require frequent and repeated visits. As a result, we have shied away from including restaurant reviews in our published guides. Also, we do not consider ourselves to be legitimate restaurant critics. For exceptional dining we would be the first to recommend authoritative references such as Michelin, Gault Millau, Gourmet, etc. However, for the small, intimate, local restaurant, we have always stated that one of the best resources for dining recommendations is the host where you are staying. They will be familiar with the newest and best; have their favorites and can best personally describe the ambiance and menu expectations.

    Based on this belief we have asked the properties we recommend to submit their recommendations on an ongoing basis so the recommendations are current and reliable. We will then contact the restaurants for more information, photos, menus and recipes to enhance their review. The recipes in their own right should serve to whet the appetite and interest of both travelers and gourmands.


    Access to the Karen Brown website is free to everyone and we welcome all who visit. In addition to our free, general public access, we do offer enhanced access, services and benefits for various levels of membership. Sign up today and take advantage of being a Karen Brown Club Member.

We at Karen Brown's Guides have been publishing our recommendations for over three decades. The information we publish in our guides is "dated" the minute our books go to press and we have to wait until a reprint or new edition for it to be financially feasible for us to share with you updates, revisions or new discoveries. As publishers, our communication with you, the Karen Brown Traveler, has also, sadly, been very one-sided.

We are thrilled with the opportunities afforded by the worldwide web. We want to continue to share with you our personal discoveries, experiences, recommendations and updates and are so pleased to be able to do so over the course of the year and not be restricted and limited to a published, annual guide. But we also welcome and invite your interaction and want to learn of your own discoveries. We see ourselves as providing a platform for others in the Karen Brown Community with similar travel expectations and preferences to share their wealth of experiences, discoveries and critiques. We invite and encourage you to join the Karen Brown World.