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About Karen Brown Itineraries

About Karen Brown Itineraries

In our published guides, basically half of every book is devoted to descriptions of places to stay and the second half is devoted to suggested regional countryside itineraries. Depending on the guide, the number of itineraries varies from as few as four to as many as fourteen. Also, with the exception of a few highlight itineraries that might incorporate some travel by train or boat, since our recommended routes often travel through little villages and areas not well serviced by public transportation, they are intended and best suited for those traveling and exploring by car.

Karen Brown Itineraries are, of course, published in our guides and the routes are available on our website for view and reference. If you want to print an itinerary with the black and white illustrations and maps they are available for purchase through our website as downloadable, PDF files.  Click on the Destination of your preference for a list of Karen Brown Itineraries that are available for reference and purchase:

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Karen Brown regional itineraries detail the most scenic routes, the most charming towns and our personal sightseeing recommendations. For each itinerary we recommend a suggested pacing and route, but travelers can adapt their own personal preference, sequence and pace using our itinerary as an initial guideline. Each itinerary is enhanced with attractive line illustrations and is supplemented with a map that offers a general outline of the route. It is important to note that the maps are artistic renderings and are offered as a guideline only. We strongly recommend that you refer to a more detailed, published map for both planning and traveling the route.

Depending on the luxury of time, travelers can also “link” together itineraries to compose their trip. For example, a traveler to France can begin in Paris, follow our recommendations for Normandy and then either continue on to Brittany or head southwest to the Châteaux Country. For those of you whose trip will include more than one country there is also a real cost benefit to being able to purchase the itineraries individually online. If your travel, for example, begins in Salzburg, Austria and concludes in Munich, Germany, it is possible to purchase the single itinerary from Austria (Spectacular Lakes & Mountains of Salzkammergut) and pair it with the single itinerary from Germany (Bavaria) for less than it would cost to purchase the two guides.

Similar to our philosophy and commitment to personally visit every property we recommend, we have also made the commitment to travel the miles in order to detail these most idyllic and memorable routes. Whether you follow our recommendations exactly or use them as a template for personalizing your own route, we sincerely hope our itineraries will serve to help you plan a memorable journey.