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Karen Brown Regional E-Itineraries

Karen Brown Itineraries available for individual purchase as downloadable PDF files. They detail the most scenic routes, the most charming towns and include Karen Brown recommendations of Places to Stay in proximity to each itinerary. Reasonably priced, you can mix and match individual itineraries from all of the Karen Brown E-books.

ALL of the same itineraries for a particular country are included in the individually published Karen Brown E-books. If you want several itineraries it might prove a better value to purchase the Karen Brown E-book for the entire country.
  • PDF Itineraries are downloaded as part of the ordering process.
  • After payment has been processed you will be able to download your Itinerary though your account in the store and you must save it on your computer or a suitable storage device for future and unlimited reference. We do not store the file for you.
  • Please note that Karen Brown Itineraries are available to read free of charge as part of our website but, they are provided in flash version; are not printable, nor do they include the list of recommended places to stay.
To view the itineraries available for a specific country or region, choose one of the links below.

For iPad users: You will need an app to save the pdf files on your ipad. We recommend using the ibooks app as this has worked well for us and allows for book downloads as well as pdfs. After installing the ibook app, while on your ipad, download the Karen Brown pdf book file by going to www.karenbrown.com. Once on the Karen Brown site login by clicking on ‘Click here to login’ in the box in the upper right hand corner of the page, and then enter your email and password. After logging in go back to the box and click on ‘My Account’, then click on ‘view’ next to the order and finally choose ‘download’. After clicking on download, if you are prompted to save the file to ibooks, do so. If the ebook opens, ‘tap’ the screen and a box should open at the top of the page allowing you to open in ibooks. When you look for the file at a later time open ibooks and then choose 'collections' and tap PDFs and you should see the file. 


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