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Michelin Maps

We find detailed maps invaluable for both planning and navigating your trip. Since maps are not always readily available in stores, for your ease of reference, we detail them here in our store, by country, and provide links direct to Amazon for purchase. Because of volume Amazon can offer you a better discount than we can absorb. You can also choose from new and used issue and, for those of you who have subscribed to PRIME, you will benefit from free shipping (for orders placed through Amazon and not another vendor). Pertinent maps are detailed in our E-books and link to this store list. 

Michelin Individual Map Series:

Red "700-series" maps give an overview of a country for planning your trip. (Scale: 1" = 15.8mi / 1cm = 10km)

Orange "500-series" maps are useful for finding your way in a specific region. (Scale: 1" = 6.3mi / 1cm = 4km)

Michelin Road Atlases:
Michelin Road Atlases offer a complete overview of country and many pages of detailed maps.

Blue atlases have a scale of 1" = 4.75mi / 1cm = 3km

Yellow atlases have a scale of 1" = 6.3mi / 1cm = 4km.

To view the Maps & Atlases available for a specific country or region, choose one of the links below.


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