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From Craters to Caves: The Diversity of Southern Oregon


Southern Oregon has so much to recommend it. In fact, it’s one of our favorite parts of this beautiful state, and perhaps one of the least explored. The changes in topography will alone astound you: vineyards planted on gently rolling hills, great crashing rivers, labyrinths of subterranean marble caves, huge expanses of sylvan forest, and lake-filled volcanic craters 6 miles wide, to name but a few of the natural marvels here. There are many ways to approach the exploration of this diverse area but for the purposes of this itinerary we recommend making Ashland your home base and we guide you round its many delights. From there we visit a few local wineries, take you on a scenic drive through the Applegate Valley, and on to the Oregon Caves National Monument. We’ll also explore the beautiful Rogue River Valley, Crater Lake, and the Umpqua National Forest.

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