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Karen Brown Traveler Recommendations


We love to learn of places that our Karen Brown Travelers have personally discovered and experienced that we do not currently recommend in our guides or on our website. It would be wonderful if you have a favorite place to stay, sightseeing attraction, restaurant, city, town or village that you would like to share with us and our Karen Brown travelling community.

Please take a moment to provide us with the details and your personal description. We will do our best to collect any missing details and then publish your discovery on our website. Also, since our Traveler Recommendations over the years have often resulted in some of our "best leads" - it will probably be added to our research list and your recommendation may even show up in one of our books!


Share Your Own Recommendations & Receive Free Downloadable Itineraries!

For every Four Traveler Recommendations (places to stay, attractions, restaurants) that you share with the Karen Brown World of Travel you will receive by email a coupon that will entitle you to one free Karen Brown Downloadable Itinerary. If you recommend as many as eight and receive two coupons, please know that you will have to place two separate orders as the store can only handle one coupon per order.


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